Click here to learn how to legally manufacture a Short Barrel rifle in the State of Illinois.

First one must obtain a Curio and Relic (C&R) firearm license.

Fill out ATF Form 7CR (5310.16)

$30 dollar application fee for three year license.

 1. Last name, First name, and Middle Initial.
 2. Your Address
 3. Mailing address, if different than physical address.
 4. Name of your county.
 5. Phone number with area code.
 6. Leave blank if no trade name.
 7. Usually check “as Individual.”
 8. Payment information.
 9. Answer truthfully.
10. If non-immigrant alien, submit compliance information.
11. Answer truthfully.
12. Answer truthfully.
13. Answer truthfully.
14. Initial each box.  It’s a checklist.  State also the name and address of Cleo.
15. Sign and date. 

One must the File ATF Form 1

2. Check individual.  Illinois does not yet allow for trust or legal entity.

3a. Leave blank if no trade name.

3b. Applicant name and mailing address.

3c. Street address if P.O. Box is indicated in 3b.

3d. County.

3e. Area code and phone number.

3f. email address.  

4a. Name and address of original manufacturer or importer.

4b. Write out “Short Barrel Rifle.”

4c. Only specify one caliber.  Do not put “multi” or list more than one caliber.

4d. List model.

4e. List inch of barrel.

4f. List overall inches of firearm.

4h. List if there’s additional description.

4i. Write “any and all lawful purposes.”

4j. Check “Firearm.”  Do not check “Explosives.”

4k. Check if firearm is being reactivated or not.

5. Write your Curio and Relic (C&R) license number.

6a and 6b. If no SOT then leave blank.

7. Don’t forget to sign.

8. Leave blank.

9. Don’t forget to date the application.

10. You must provide notification to chief law enforcement officer in your county by submitted a copy of form 1 to them.  Also you must write down on the form the Agency or Department name, name and title of the official, and the address.

11a-h. Answer truthfully.

12. Attach a passport sized photograph.

13a. Check your country of citizenship.

13b-d2. Answer truthfully.  If you are not an alien do not mark “d2.”

14. Fill out if you are an Alien.

Sign and date.


Mail this original form with $200 check to :

National Firearms Act Branch, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

P.O. Box 530298

Atlanta, GA  30353-0298

(Check made out to National Firearms Act Branch, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives)